How It Works

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Step 1


  • The V.Com banner sits on every computer in the office and displays all of the messages sent in the office.
  • By default messages are sent to all intercoms. This can be changed by utilizing the filter option in the banner settings.
  • Ordered messages: The first message has a red box around it, so you know which was the first message sent.
  • There is a Timer above each message that tells you how long a message has been on the banner.
  • Delete a message by double clicking on it.
Step 2

Customizing the intercom

  • Customize your personal settings.
    1. Have fun changing your banner’s appearance and behavior, just follow the pull-down menu.
    2. Settings apply to a single intercom, so each computer can have there own unique personalized settings.
Step 3

Message not for you?

  • Filter out what you don’t want to see or hear. It’s your choice!
Step 4

Now you’re up and running.

  • Select Recipient, Message and Location – then click send. It’s that easy.
  • Your Message is sent and seen throughout the whole office! The tone for that user alerts the person that he or she has a message. This unique patented V.Com feature finds you wherever you are in the office.
  • Respond To Messages
  • Your Response shows to the right of the original message.
  • Right Click on the banner
    1. Respond
    2. Resend
    3. Delete
    4. Message
  • Set priority for important messages
Step 5

Message Pad.

  • The Message Pad feature replaces the paper messages that are taken for you when you are not available.
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