Web Forms Module

Allow your patients to fill out your online patient forms.

Online Patient Forms are one of V.Com’s most unique features, offering an answer that most dental and medical offices have been seeking for years. We will create a digital form that matches the look and feel of your existing paper form, and patients can fill out your forms online from home, or on a computer at your office.
With our “immediate recognition” system, your office staff will know as soon as a new patient form is submitted, so the information available to you prior to the patient’s visit. When they come in, they only need to digitally sign the forms using the “V.Com Clipboard” software in the reception, saving time for both patient and office staff. All signed forms are filed away for instant retrieval using the V.Com paperless filing system. Future versions of this feature will integrate Web Forms with your Practice Management program, automatically creating new patient records from the data in the forms.

Services and Features:
Search and View your forms
You can find and view any Patient Form from the Web Forms screen in Vcom and will be notified when a new Patient Form is submitted.

V.Com will take your existing paper Patient Information Form and create a new digital form that you can post to your web site. It will have the same look and feel of your existing paper Form.

Practice Management Integration
Future versions of this feature will allow you integrate Web Forms into your current Practice Management program or store patient records in V.Com’s paperless filing system.
Once the patient fills out and signs the form, you simply:

  • Save the Patient Form as an image or virtually print it directly to your Practice Management’s document organizer.
  • Use V.Com’s paperless filing system: just select a patient to see all of their paperless forms neatly organized by tabs.
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